A World of Opportunity

Admin Team

The Administrative Team members are listed below, the extensions listed are to be dialed after calling 973-292-2000.


Mark Manning - Extension: 2104 mark.manning@msdk12.net

Assistant Principals

Marietta Scorsune (Grade 9) Extension: 2110 marietta.scorsune@msdk12.net- Supervisor World Languages

John Pallino (Grade 10) Extension: 2110 john.pallino@msdk12.net- Supervisor of Music, Visual Arts, Business and Technology Education

Vincent Marchese (Grade 11) Extension: 2110 vincent.marchese@msdk12.net- Supervisor of Special Education

Michael Lockman (Grade 12) Extension: 2110 michael.lockman@msdk12.net- Supervisor of Social Studies

Director or Guidance  

Dr. Jennifer Giordano Extension: 2332 jennifer.giordano@msdk12.net

Director of Athletics

Smitty Horton Extension: 2120 chester.horton@msdk12.net- Supervisor of Health and Physical Education Department

Supervisors of Curriculum Grades 6-12

Natalie Balon Extension 2046 natalie.balon@msdk12.net- Supervisor of Special Education

Dr. Kara Douma  Extension 2282 kara.douma@msdk12.net- Supervisor of Language Arts

Brian Young Extension 2317 brian.young@msdk12.net - Supervisor of Science & STEM