A World of Opportunity

Profile of a Graduate

Profile of a Graduate

Morristown High School graduates will be ready to take their places as productive citizens in the world.  Our graduates will possess the marketable skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the 21st century, will demonstrate character and integrity in everything they do, and will be equipped with essential tools with which to build happier, more fulfilling lives.

Productive Citizen

From their education at Morristown High School, graduates will understand the meaning of good citizenship, with both its rights and responsibilities, and will recognize the importance of active participation in the local, state, and national political processes.  As a function of our diverse community, graduates will learn to appreciate and respect differences both among people and across cultures and will implicitly value inclusion as a basic necessity of life. They will commit themselves to realizing their full potential as individuals, taking on leadership roles, and investing their energy in making contributions to society. Our graduates will strive to conserve resources and protect the environment for themselves and future generations.

Marketable Skills and Knowledge

Students will graduate with the marketable skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the 21st century.  They will be critical thinkers and problem solvers, fluent in many literacies, who actively seek out truth and analyze facts and data to solve problems and make decisions.  They will be capable of extracting meaning from diverse experiences, and will feel comfortable taking calculated risks, posing provocative questions and discovering novel solutions.  Objective evaluation and reflection will be second nature to them in decision-making. They will possess strong written and public speaking skills, which will allow them to persuasively communicate information and ideas, as well as to negotiate and resolve differences.  They will incorporate and use technology as an integral part of their daily lives. Through participation in group activities, they will recognize the value of teamwork. Students will graduate as life-long learners who appreciate both the humanities and sciences as the keys to understanding societies across time and place.

Character and Integrity

Morristown High School graduates will distinguish themselves by living an examined life. Having explored the concepts of Wisdom, Courage, Humanity, Justice, Temperance, and Transcendence, they will strive for these ideals in their personal and professional lives.  They will seek to serve the community and help others. They will invoke empathy, ethics, and flexibility in personal relationships. They will make decisions and balanced compromises that achieve common goals. Graduates will honor commitment, demonstrate fortitude, appreciate the earnest work of others, and always strive to do their best work. They will continue learning about their own strengths, using these abilities and qualities to enrich the world around them. Graduates will understand the basics of and practice a healthy lifestyle. They will apply prudent strategies to secure their financial futures. They will actively solicit mentors in their lives who will guide them toward their life goals.  They will see mistakes as opportunities for personal growth and the achievement of better outcomes.

Students will graduate from Morristown High School with a deep sense of self worth and purpose, confidently poised to shape their own futures.