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TI Inspire

TI Inspire

The Morristown Mathematics Department recognizes that there are multiple ways to learn mathematics.  Fluency in mathematics is important without the aid of a calculator, but today’s graphing calculators have become essential teaching tools.  The TI-Nspire allows students to manipulate graphs and view changes in the underlying function, save files from class work, or communicate with data logging equipment. The Inspire also allows students to find the slope of a curve and definite integrals. The Morris School District strongly recommends that parents choose the Inspire when choosing a new graphing calculator for their student.  TI-Inspire calculators will be used at Frelinghuysen Middle School this year, in addition to the Algebra I classes at Morristown High School.  While Morristown High School retains TI-83 and 84+ graphing calculators, the intention of the mathematics department is to move to Inspire technology over the next few years.  If you choose to purchase TI-Inspire calculators, please help us to purchase more TI-Technology by bringing in your rewards symbol from the TI-package.  Please visit the following links to learn more about the Inspire.


TI-Inspire calculators at Texas Instruments

TI-Rewards program for K-12

TI-Inspire examination acceptance chart

TI-Insipre tutorials at atomiclearning.  This is a fabulous set of tutorials that will get you going on your Inspire as quickly as possible.

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