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Special Education

The mission of the Special Education Department at Morristown High School is to provide educational services to students with special needs in a way that addresses specific ​learning goals​ ​in the least restrictive environment​.

Our process involves the individually planned and systematically monitored programs that may require instructional modifications and accommodations, adapting equipment and materials, maximizing accessible settings, and utilizing other interventions according to the Individualized Education Plan. ​

This process is designed to empower students in the area of self-advocacy,while preparing them for future college and career opportunities.​

Aids and services which ​support successful integration

​may include the following programs: ​

  • In class support classes provide support instruction from a special education teacher. This additional support from a special education teacher takes place in the general education classes. The specific type of service for each student is determined through the Individualized Education Plan.
  • Out of class replacement classes provide support and/or replacement instruction from a special education teacher. Students are usually in general education classes for portions of the day, depending upon their needs. The specific type of service for each student is determined through the IEP.
  • Self contained classes​ include the​ Learning and Language classes​ as well as the ​Multiple Disability classes that serve the needs of students with Autism and other significant disabilities, who cannot make appropriate progress in a general education class.

​For more detailed information, please click on this link for the Department of Pupil Services. GET NEW LINK