More Favorite Memories

"My favorite memory at MHS was the music trip to Boston in 2018. I enjoyed spending time with my friends for the entire weekend, and I especially had a blast with them at Six Flags!" --Sheetal Bangalore 

"Honestly, just lunch in general. There was always something new going on and there was always something to talk about, it was always a nice break in the middle of the day." --Kobie Barna

"My favorite memory is making the varsity ice hockey team  as a freshman and spending all four years with a great team and group of coaches. Mr. Fletcher's stories were also very memorable!" --Ryan Daniolowicz 

"My favorite memory at MHS is making the life size cardboard boats in CAD and racing in the pool against the other kids in the class. We all spent weeks constructing boats that we design out of cardboard with a team. Once we completed the boat we raced them and the teams who wade it down and back first won." --Marc Dilluvio

"My favorite memory at Morristown would have to be sporting events and playing for Morristown lacrosse. The football games for student sections against Delbarton and Randolph would have to be my favorite games because they are rivals to Morristown high. Basketball games we had great seasons and athletes. We would have great chants. When lacrosse season came around for my 3 seasons. We would prep for morning wall ball in the Auxiliary gym. Pre-season practices with Coach Towns making us stronger. If we messed up or not loud enough. He would make us do more push ups or run more. Morristown athletics is great all around with every sport." --William Duffy

"'La Classe' with Ms. Corke." --Ava Lago

"My favorite marching band memory was performing at MetLife stadium. Going onto the field and taking in the view was such an awesome experience that I will never forget!" --Helena Lindner

"My favorite athletic memory at MHS was breaking the girl’s swimming 400 freestyle relay record at counties this year with Annie Webber, Molly Webber, and Grace Miller." --Lauren Smith

"My favorite athletic memory was when Mr. Carmel told me I could be the JV Girls Golf Captain. It is still my proudest accomplishment." --Brenna Thornton