NHS Teacher Tributes

Alas Escobar, Yeimy
Arias, Jean Pierre
Broseker, Lauren
Cecala, Mia
Cheren, Rachael
Dilluvio, Marc
Feeney, Madeline
Georgiev, Alexander
Hasenbein, Eric
Hessels, Danielle
Jinks, Evan
McNichol, Casey
Merritt, Anne
Myers, Aidan
Nerz, Siobhan
Parra, Lina
Rulon, Jameson
Siegel, Madeline
Smith, Lauren
Sommer, Dylan
Steneck, Ava

"As an NHS member, I would like to pay a tribute to Ms. Kuijpers and Dr. Rudiger for having a positive impact on myself and my academic progress." --Tobias Gaynor