Gratitude & Good-Byes

"I want to thank all the teachers of Morristown High School for these 3 years that I was in the school. They taught me a lot and it is a blessing to have learned a lot with you. I will miss you a lot. Thank you very much for everything." --Yeimy Alas Escobar

"I just wanted to say bye to Mr. Kenny. I've had you for two years and each year I have greatly enjoyed your class. You are a great teacher and I'm sad that I never got to finish taking AP Gov because of COVID. Thanks for everything, Mr. Kenny!" --Samuel Annuik

"I'm gonna miss you so much, Mrs. Ostendorp. Out of all my teachers, I'm going to miss you the most." --Santiago Arbelaez

"I want to thank all of the teachers that were involved in my high school education from Grade 9 to now. I have no words to express my gratitude to each and every one of you. Your commitment and dedication will always be remembered. I also appreciate the High School staff and the bus drivers; you all made it possible for me. I am going to miss this place deeply. With love, Jean-Pierre Arias." --Jean Arias

Good-bye video for Ms. Priola and Mr. Carmel --Mia Cecala

"Thank you so much, Magistra Berman and Mrs. Doyle, for always being there for me if I needed anything during school, or just someone to talk to! I am going to miss you both tremendously. Thank you for everything you've done for me!!" --Rachael Cheren

"It has been so much fun making videos in your class, Mr. Butler. I'm really going to miss you and your class! I remember when I filmed and edited a video of my old dog, Apollo, getting a bath and then pupperccino (a frappuccino made for dogs), me interviewing Mr. Quinn various questions about history and other subjects, and a commercial for the MHS Cafeteria. A year later, I had you again. And then I collaborated with Matthew on making a PSA encouraging people to invent things that make other people's lives better and easier, then I worked with him on making a video involving a little drive around Seattle ending with the face of Large Marge from Pee Wee's Big Adventure with a high-pitched masculine scream to scare the viewer for the Colonial Corner Halloween Special, then a sketch starring Matthew and a black knight (voiced by Jacob) knocking on his door and then running away. And then later a commercial for a fictitious brand of tea called Teago, that even comes in different flavors! I made some pretty great projects! Good-bye, Mr. Butler, I will miss you, your class, and your students." Good-bye video for Mr. Quinn --Brendan Criscione 

"Mr. Campbell, thank you for all the different skills you have taught me. I will always remember the laughs we had in Woodshop throughout the years. Mr. Butler, thank you for all the great memories in Broadcasting. I’ll always remember the fun we had and the projects we worked on." --Ryan Daniolowicz

"Mr. Butler, you are the best teacher ever. I will miss seeing you." --Joshua Danus

"Thank you, Mrs. Spencer, for being such an amazing teacher! You have taught me so much from freshman physics to aerospace engineering and more, and for that, I am so grateful. Having you as a teacher and club advisor inspired me to pursue engineering and to possibly get my level 1 in rocketry. I wish you the best and I hope to possibly visit in the future at school or at a rocketry launch!" --Sydnee Day

"Mrs. Pecararo, Mr. Rooney, Mrs. Cepeda, Mr. Connolly, Ms. Dodson, Sr. Loaiza, Ms. Dabinett, and Mr. and Mrs. Componile: To all my favorites teachers throughout the years, thank you so much for making school actually enjoyable. I already miss being in your classes and I wanted to let you guys know that your class periods were truly my favorite at MHS." --Dean Fisher

"Thank you to Mr. Rooney for an unforgettable class, and for the opportunity to become part of a fantastic volunteering opportunity, and for an even better club experience. You inspired me to work hard, and learn a great deal about our country and our school." --Harrison Fleetwood

Good-bye video for Dr. Laudadio --Matthew Gamerdinger

"I would like to thank all my teachers for such a great few years at MHS. Without them, I wouldn't be where I am today without their help and guidance. I hope to see them when I come back to visit MHS in the future." --Alexander Georgiev

Good-bye video for MHS teachers, administrators, and staff --Eric Hasenbein 

"My farewell goes to Mr. Danese, who taught my favorite class, AP Physics. Not only was he an excellent teacher, but he also competed in the handball tournament with us." --Evan Jinks

"I want to say goodbye to Mr. Rooney and thank him for the great learning experience he gave me. I'll never forget the class trips to the Intrepid and the Midway movie." --Benjamin Letta

"To all my favorite teachers, you all know who you are. I have learned and taken something from mostly all my teachers. I am really upset that I won't get to say goodbye to my teachers that really helped me think and become a great young scholar. THANK YOU MHS." --Christian Lopez Alvarez 

Good-bye video for Mr. Butler --Casey McNichol

"Bye, Ms. Dabinett! Thank you so much for being a great teacher! I grew so much as a writer and had so many laughs in your class! I’ll be sure to come back and visit because it’s what your students do!" --Anne Merritt

Good-bye video for Ms. Davis --Siobhan Nerz

"Thank you, Mr. Carmel, for being a great golf coach and teacher over these past four years! Even though you were never officially my teacher, you taught me so much on and off the course (not much on the course actually - HAHA)! Most importantly, thank you for teaching me how to properly peel an orange, and for always brightening my day with your email gifs/memes. I'm so sad we did not get a golf season this year; I know how much you were looking forward to spending 2 hours on a golf course with me three times a week! Good luck with Holly the next few years! Farewell, Mr. Carmel!" --Eva Oden

"Good Bye, Mr. Danese!!!! Thank you for being such an amazing teacher; I couldn't have learned physics better from anyone else. You made the classroom environment such a fun and enjoyable place to be in. You were always there to give me extra help no matter if it was during class time or during any other block of the day. You are truly an inspiring teacher that I look up to. You do your job so well and I know all my classmates agree. From my lab table to you, Dr.D, THANK YOU for a great year filled with unforgettable memories. Mr. Carmel and Ms. Priola, I am so glad I got to experience what your PGC classroom is like. Mr. Carmel, thank you for always cracking jokes and making me smile no matter how bad of a day I could be having. Your enthusiasm to help and support kids is truly inspiring. Seeing how you treat students and fellow employees encourages me to be a better person. Ms. Priola, thank you for always being the first person I see when I walk into the classroom with a big smile on your face greeting me bright and early. Your energetic personality brought an extra spark of joy to my day. I am also extremely thankful for all the wonderful compliments you gave me every morning; it truly brought a smile to my face and boosted my self-esteem. I aspire to be a kind and caring person just like you one day. A big thank you to you both for making PGC one of the funniest and most memorable classes I've ever experienced. I cherished every moment that I was in your classroom and I wish we could have had one last day all together. Hope to see you guys in the future. Thanks for an amazing year!" --Alina Parr

"Ms. Cepeda was my teacher for two years, for US History and for African American History. In those years I learned and grew so much and I owe it all to her. She shaped my passion for history, activism, and law. Being in her class (and club) I became a better, more compassionate, and confident person. I tell everyone I know to take her class if they get the opportunity. Thank you for everything Ms. Cepeda, I love you and I am going to miss you so much. Ms. Horan, thank you for embracing my creative side and allowing me to fully express myself in your class(es). You've expanded my writing abilities and I was very lucky to have you as a teacher for like, four classes. I hope you and your family are safe and well. Thank you for always caring about mental health. I will miss you so much. Mr. Rooney, thank you for always believing in me; your support helped me grow as a student. Ms. Catalano, thank you for giving me space where I could be myself and a platform to help others. Your class was definitely a favorite of mine. I will miss all my teachers and I'm sorry that I never got to say a proper goodbye, but thank you so much for the past four years." --Megan Rodriguez

Good-bye video for Ms. Furphey --Madeline Siegel

"Dear Ms. Furphey, Even though I missed out on your freshman year, I’m so thankful I got to have you as my teacher for three years straight. I bombed my first few assignments in your class and thought you were crazy for assigning so much homework the first week of school sophomore year, but I grew to love doing work for your class. I never planned on taking AP Lang, but after having you I decided to do it, and that was one of my best decisions. You let us write about whatever we wanted, and I don’t think I would’ve ever written this much about feminism if it wasn’t for you. I still have stacks of essays I wrote for you, with your comments on passive voice and integrating my quotes. And when school or the news got too heavy, you gave us class time to discuss it and process what we were going through. When the time came to relax you let us, reading Shakespeare and pointing out the humor, especially outside on the benches where we could act it out. And you helped so many of us write our college essays, and got us into our first school, Furphey University. And how could I forget Fun Food Fridays in creative writing, especially since I would skip breakfast those days to have brownies instead. Spending time before class with Stephanie and Isabel just talking to you about the day ahead was a great start to any day. I can’t wait to come back and visit you :) Your loquacious student, Nida." --Nida Sinha

"Dear Mrs. LaGrave, Thank you for being my go to person for these last four years. You made my last four years at MHS so much better. I will 100% miss having someone to go to next year with all of my crazy problems. Can't wait to visit!" --Tara Snowden

"The teachers at the school are honestly the best people there. They were the ones who helped me through tough times; they were the ones who helped me keep my head high and keep going. The first teacher I’d like to say goodbye to is Ms. Formoso. ... I would always hang out in her classroom during lunch or help her after class or I would come see her after school and just chill with her. ... She was the sweetest, kindest, and one of the best teachers that I had at MHS. ... The next teacher I’d like to say goodbye to is Mr. Kiernan. ... If I needed someone to talk to or if I was just not feeling good that day he was always there for me and helped me keep my head up. ... He was extremely supportive of me and my decisions in life, however he would always make sure they were safe and do-able. I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher. The next teacher is Mr. Lee. Mr. Lee was always such a cool, chilled, and laid back teacher. Like the other teachers he was always there for me, I would always go see him at lunch, or after school ... He’d listen, give his input and my conflict would be resolved. ... Next would be Mr Kievning, my photography teacher. His class was among the best classes I took. ... I really can’t put into words how much fun his class was, and how much of an amazing teacher he was. Lastly is Mr. Izsa, my weight training coach. ... Mr. Izsa was the one person at the school who actually boosted my confidence in myself. ... He would always push me to my limits with training and he would motivate me and never let me give up. He made me stronger both physically and mentally. ... He made me feel so much better about myself and made working out go from a chore to actually fun. I would just like to say goodbye to all the teachers I had. Every teacher I had made a difference in my life and made my high school career much better. ... I want to thank them all for everything they've taught me ... High school might have been tough but all my teachers made it better." --Rebecca Snyder

Good-bye video for Mr. Butler --Dylan Sommer

"Dear Señorita Dodson, Thank you so much for not only being one of the best teachers around but also being so supportive and patient during this time. Since my sophomore year, you have always been so polite, and I've found it to be very easy to talk to you which really helped me learn in your class. This year you've helped me tremendously throughout my being sick and losing my grandmother and I could not thank you enough. I will miss you so much, and I wish you so much luck in your future (not that you'll need it). Sorry for not being able to express my thanks in person." --Olivia Stelletell

"Bye to all my teachers! I love all my teachers. I'm so happy because we're done with school, but I'm sad, too, because I couldn't see my teachers! I wanted to say bye to everyone." --Carlos Vijil Ventura