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College of the Month

Each month our counseling staff chooses a college or university that they wish to showcase to our students.  Many of the colleges chosen are those that students may be unfamiliar with or have inquired about.  We aim to select various schools that represent a wide variety of campus attributes, geographic locations, course programming, and more.  Please stroll through the Guidance Hallway to view this month's highlighted school. 

Counselors are always available to discuss your impressions and answer any additional questions you may have about this fine institution.

December's College of the Month: Mercy College


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We believe if colleges were more open, people's minds would be more open, too. Because if all kinds of students got degrees, all kinds of people would have new opportunities. And with every new opportunity, the world transforms. This belief is part of everything we do. It's our mantra. It's our mission. Our doors are open to all who are looking for a more open world.


Whether you're on the banks of the Hudson River or learning across New York City, each of our three campuses offer unique experiences you won't find anywhere else. But they do have some similarities, as they're all 100% Mercy College and home to some of the most hard-working and friendly students, faculty and staff anywhere. Check out the advantages of our NYC-area campuses for yourself!


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