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NCAA Information

Are You Considering Participating in College Athletics?  


If so, please carefully review this IMPORTANT information and follow the steps outlined below:

1.) Notify your guidance counselor of your intention to play college sports. This can happen as early as first semester of 9th grade.

2.) Obtain the NCAA Guide for the College Bound Student Athlete. Download it from the NCAA Eligibility Center.

3.) Make sure to take courses that are “core” classes as determined by the NCAA eligibility center. Your guidance counselor can help you identify which courses qualify. View the list at the NCAA Eligibility Center site.

4.) Confirm the distribution of your coursework/course program meets NCAA requirements. Your guidance counselor can help you figure out which courses (and how many) of each discipline you are required to take in order to be eligible for college athletics.

5.) Register for and take the SAT/ACT. We recommend that you consider taking either test more than once to ensure the strongest outcome!

6.) Make sure you understand the NCAA “sliding scale”. Information on the sliding scale can be found at the NCAA Eligibility Center site.  

7.) Students need to request their transcript (at the end of 11th grade) through the NCAA eligibility center.<