A World of Opportunity

Guidance Staff


Dr. Jennifer Giordano, Director -  jennifer.giordano@msdk12.net ext. 2332


Ms. Claudia Barrera - claudia.barrera@msdk12.net, x2138

Ms. Sandra Caruso - sandra.caruso@msdk12.net x2105

Ms. Ellen Cheikes - ellen.cheikes@msdk12.net, x2127

Ms. Kristina Kenny - kristina.kenny@msdk12.net, x2139

Mr. Craig Matthews - craig.matthews@msdk12.net x2137

Mr. Michael Norton - michael.norton@msdk12.net, x2181

Ms. Oshaira Pichardooshaira.pichardo@msdk12.net X2154

Ms. Cherie Streiff - cherie.streiff@msdk12.net, x2140

Ms. Monica Tate-Melendez - monica.tate@msdk12.net, x2128

Ms. Kate Weisenseel - kate.weisenseel@msdk12.net , x2108

Ms. Karen Wolf - karen.wolf@msdk12.net, x 2257

Academic Assistance Coordinator:

Mr. Matt Carmel - matthew.carmel@msdk12.net, x2152

College and Career Counselors:

Mr. Michael Norton - michael.norton@msdk12.net, x2181

Ms. Karen Wolf - karen.wolf@msdk12.net, x2257

Licensed Clinical Social Worker & Licensed Clinical Alcohol & Drug Counselor 


Mrs. Susan Mele - susan.mele@msdk12.net, x2173

Student Assistance Counselor:

Ms. Sasha Hicks - sasha.hicks@msdk12.net, x2132

Department Support Staff:

Mrs. Stephanie Valencia - stephanie.valencia@msdk12.net, Secretary-Transcripts, x2130

Mrs. Maryanne Novello - maryanne.novello@msdk12.net, Secretary to the Director, x2332

Ms. Stephanie Ardilastephanie.ardila@msdk12.net, Secretary-Transcripts, x2135

Ms. Susan McGeechan - susan.mcgeechan@msdk12.net,Data Specialist, x2134

Fax: 973-387-7666

The primary focus of the school counseling program is to promote and enhance student learning for all students through academic, personal, social and college or career development counseling.

Academic Development Counseling

Counselors will work in a collaborative approach to support the student learning process and promote academic achievement with consideration of student ability and learning style. Counselors will regularly monitor their students' courses and accumulation of credits to ensure that they are meeting the graduation requirements of Morristown High School and The NJ State Department of Education.