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Health Information and Resources


A child's health plays an important role in his or her intellectual, physical, and social growth and development. Recognizing this relationship, the Morris School District is committed to working alongside parents to support the health and wellness of our students.

Each Morris School District has on staff one or more Registered Nurses to provide guidance and support for parents and to answer questions regarding school-related health issues. Contact information for school nurses may be found below:

If a child in grades Pre-k to 5 will be late or absent from school, parents are to call the school health office prior to the start of the school day and leave a message that include's the child's name, his/her teacher's name, and the reason for absence or lateness.

Parents of students at Frelinghuysen Middle School are to call the attendance office at 973-292-2200 X 8066. Parents of high school students are to report a lateness or absence to the attendance office at 973-292-2000 extension 3.